AGS Programs accepts active medical assistance only. Contact us for more details.


AGS Programs offers Outpatient Mental Health Services (OMHC), which includes Medication Management, and Psychiatric Rehabilitation to adults and minors.


Individual, Family, Group Therapy, and Medication Management. AGS Programs provides education on wellness, recovery, and resiliency. Medication management is an important component to mental health treatment when clinically necessary. Psycho‐Education is another important component, which helps consumers and families leave with a thorough understanding of prescribed medications.


Our PRP CARF Accredited Programs focuses on maladaptive behaviors that impair daily living, social skills and healthy family relationships. Concomitantly, we will focus on strengths and resources to promote recovery, full community integration and academic success. We seek to improve quality of life measures for persons who have been diagnosed with any mental health condition that seriously impairs their ability to lead meaningful lives. AGS services are collaborative, person directed and individualized.

Minor service areas will consist of:

Age-Appropriate self-care skills

  • personal hygiene, grooming, nutrition and self-administration of medication

Social Skills

  • Community Integration Activities, Developing Natural Supports and Community Activities

Independent Living Skills

  • maintenance of living environment, community awareness, mobility skills, money management, accessing available entitlements, cultural interest, conflict resolution, anger management, interactive skills, maintaining personal living space, maintaining age-appropriate boundaries, maintaining personal safety in a social environment and time management (structured and unstructured)

Adult service areas will consist of:

Self-care skills

  • personal hygiene, grooming, nutrition and self-administration of medication

Social skills

  • Community Integration Activities, Developing Natural Supports and Developing linkages with community activities
  • Independent living skills, housing stability, community awareness, mobility and transportation skills, wellness self-management and money management
  • Accessing available entitlements and resources, obtain and retain employment, activities that support cultural interests, health promotion activities (proper nutrition and exercise) and promotion of individual Wellness, self management and recovery

Supported Housing Services

  • Collaborate with CSA to access affordable housing and develop financial resources
  • Housing needs assessment (housing needs, rehabilitation skills needed to obtain housing of choice, evaluate financial resources, develop basic living skills and supports to keep housing, available natural supports, needed and desired community services, private and public housing assistance)