AGS Programs

AGS Programs, LLC, is a Behavioral Health Provider for adults and minors located in the Baltimore Metro Area. Our goal is to help individuals become successful and satisfied in the living, working, learning, and social environments of their choice.

The mission of AGS is to improve behavioral health services for persons served in Baltimore, Maryland and surrounding communities. This mission can be accomplished through identification and prevention of mental health problems particularly among children, adults, and other populations who are at high risk; implementation of evidence-based treatment and support; ensure there are culturally appropriate and effective services to communities through education and outreach efforts; and improve access to care.

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Treat all people wth Dignity and Respect

Conduct ourselves with the highest level of integrity

Place the interest of consumers first

Be inspired; helps someone reach his or her greatest potential

AGS Values

Efficient and effective help for the clients is the objective. To this end, techniques will be selected that provide the greatest reductions in symptoms, the largest increase in functioning and the most reduction in psychosocial stressors. Never lose your fundamental principle, which is caring.

Persons served and family experience improved quality of life as management and coping skills improve.
Persons served and family member experience improved success at school and work as stressors at home resolve.
Persons served and family member experience increased resilience as ‘connectedness’ to others strengthens.


  • AGS provided great services for my son. Increased his self esteem and communication/social skills with social groups. My son's grades have also improved where he is now an honor student.

    Parent of PRP Client
  • It's been an honor and privilege to work with AGS Programs. The vision for the agency speaks to many unaddressed issues of children, adults and families. I have seen growth in this agency with their core values centered on mental and psychosocial stressors.  

    Parent of PRP Client

AGS Services

The mission of AGS Programs, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs is to empower at-risk individuals in our community with social, behavioral, cognitive, and educational skills that will enable them to achieve their greatest self. The rehabilitation programs help people regain skills and confidence to live and work more independently. Our concentration as a PRP Provider is skills development/training and/or skills re-development/re-training.